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Digital Marketing Trades People

One Monthly Payment Gets You Onto Page 1 Of Google for your local or Regional Area!

At Last...
A Digital Marketing Agency Set Up For Local Trades People - Just Like You !

That’s Right !  It’s time to stop wasting your money on Check-a-Trade or My Builder

Did you know that a whopping 98% of our clients rank above those rubbish “sell a lead for £15 services” for the main Money Keywords on Google? 

But as if that wasn’t reason enough to join us, did also you know that every lead we generate for your business belongs solely to YOU!

You don’t have to pay to share some shitty lead with 10 other companies – In fact you don’t have to pay for a lead at all! 

That’s right, once we showcase your business on Page 1, every enquiry or sales call generated is included within the small monthly fee

Web Optimisation and SEO

Its all fine and dandy having a fancy website with all the bells and whistles but lets be honest if your not showing up on search results then your website is about as useful as a shop in the middle of the Sahara Desert… that sells sand !

be seen on Google

Remember: Camels Belong in the Desert... not dave the sparky!

Builder SEO

Get Your Local Business Optimised
& Converting Right Now

We will not only optimise your website to within a whisker of its life but we will also get your business ranking high up on the GMB listings and the local map packs to get you super fast results!


Optimisation of your website to ensure its relevant for the Keywords you want to rank for.

Click through Rate

By drilling down with the optimisation of your website and GMB account you will see a steep increase in visitors and click through rate of your store

Analytics & Graphs

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Regional SEO

We take care of your Google My Business listings and optimise the hell out of your map pack!


Everything we do is documented and you receive a full report at the end of each month that details what we did that month, how many leads were generated and how your rankings changed.

Keyword Selection

This is what makes us special for Trades People. We know the UK construction and Trades sectors like the back of our hand. We know what keywords your business should be targeting and we have the figures to back us up.

Search Engine Optimization Generate 100% Traffic

Just by showing up on the first page of google you will see a significant increase in visitors to your website.  For some SEO companies that would be seen as a success – But not Trade Exposure, we want to convert those visitors into customers ! 

web designer essex
SEO Essex

Digital Marketing Tools Strategies & Skills

Our SEO services are a mixture of on-page and off-page.  We don’t use a one size fits all approach – every project is looked at individually and a plan formulated and followed until your business is top of the tree!


Have we already said that we only offer our services to Trades People? 

One other thing we need to mention is that we will only ever work with two businesses offering similar services in any particular Town, City or Region of the UK.  

The reason for this is that our clients will enjoy the top two spots which will provide them both with more than enough work, any more businesses that that and we would not only be competing with ourselves, but the quality for our trade clients would drop – and we simply wont have that happening!  

We would rather have two very happy clients who are wiping the floor with all the competition that 10 clients who are each receiving a very a bang average service

As if you haven’t seen enough reasons to sign up we’ve just added another one – stop your competitors from using Trade Exposure to get the edge 

Daily Marketing Research

Whether its Google trends, Pintrest predicts, or good old fashioned competitor research and
skull-duggery we have you covered

Content Strategy

We have our own in house marketing gurus who can provide highly converting sales content as well as keyword optimised SEO content.

We don't outsource, everything is handled in house

Web Development

Does your existing website look like a bag of plaster that's been left outside all weekend?

If so, let us provide you with the brand new modern customer converting website that you deserve

Advanced Web Analytics

We link all your GMB, Search Console and Google Analytics account into our own SEO software to see how your performing on line and who's visiting your website on a day by day basis.

Email Marketing

If needed we can manage your email marketing campaigns, whether its a cold leads, or perhaps a follow up funnel for clients that have previously requested a quote.

Detailed Reports

Each and every month you will receive a detailed report showing your ranking position, number of visitors, quantity of leads generated together with comparison charts allowing you to visually see your online presence grow

Blow Away The Competition and Rank Number 1 In Your Local Area

We can help your business to dominate the local search results and rank your business top of Google and the GMB Google My Business Listings.

In many cases you will begin to see results within the only the first week!

Don’t believe us? 

Why not try us for a whole month, for less than you would spend down the pub.  Once the month is up, you decide if you want to carry on – We haven’t had a single person drop out so far !